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MINIM+AID / emergency preparedness kit



  • black × grey



  • white × ivory


  • silver × black



※海外への発送は対応しておりません / This item cannot be shipped internationally ご注文後約5営業日後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 5 business days 地震などの災害が起きてから避難所へ行くまでに必要なものを、必要最低限まで絞り込んで収めた防災セット。ホイッスル、ラジオ、ポンチョ、ランタン、飲料水、樹脂製ケースを、防水性があり水に浮く直径約5センチの筒にまとめました。従来の防災セットに比べてコンパクトでスリムなので持ち運びしやすく、肩にもかけられるベルト付き。傘立てに立てたり、コートハンガーに引っ掛けるなど、玄関周りに日常的に準備しておくのにも適しています。 An emergency preparedness kit that includes the bare minimum necessary for a city-dweller to make it to a place of refuge during an earthquake or other disaster. The result is a whistle to alert others of one’s presence, a radio, raincoat, lantern, and a plastic case, all packaged inside of a 5.7cm wide tube that is waterproof and floats. The radio is equipped with manual charging functionality, which can also be used to charge your smartphone, lantern, or other devices via USB. The plastic case can be used to store medicine or anything else the user might deem necessary.Despite its compact design, the kit offers a rich set of features. Slimmer and more compact than conventional emergency kits, it’s easy to carry and can also be worn over the shoulder using the included strap. The design makes it easy to keep it near the entrance and ready to go at all times - just leave it in the umbrella stand or hang it from a coat hanger. The outer tubing is available in silver, white, or black.. ●size (mm) H:580 W:57 D:57 ●weight (g) 763 ●other 本製品は防水仕様にはなっておりません。また、非常時にお使いいただける水筒のフタには密閉性はございません。記載のない内容物は商品に含まれておりません。電池は付属しておりません。別途お求めください。