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split-tote leather



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ご注文後約5営業日後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 5 business days 持ち手が2本ある通常のトートバッグは、肩にかけた時に安定感が悪く、肩からはずれてしまいやすい。一方、持ち手が1本だけのトートバッグは、肩にかけた時に安定するものの、その状態だとものの出し入れがしにくい。そこで、前側の持ち手を2本に、後ろ側を1本にすることで、肩にかけた時の安定感と出し入れのしやすさを両立させました。2種類のトートバッグを掛け合わせ、利便性を兼ね備えさせたデザインです。 The normal tote bag that has two handles tends to lack stability when carried by the shoulder, and can also slide off the shoulder. Conversely a tote bag with just one handle has stability when carried by the shoulder but lacks the ease of taking things in and out. So we split one handle from the rear into two at the front, to ensure stability when carrying it over the shoulder, and at the same time enabling users to take things in and out easily. Combining two types of tote bags has resulted in its added convenience. ●size (mm) H:400 W:370 D:30 ●weight (g) 660 ●material 表地:牛革/裏地:綿100% cowhide/cotton