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BE@RBRICK shadow



  • under



  • behind


  • side


  • 3 pieces set



ご注文後約5営業日後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 5 business days 真っ白なBE@RBRICKに2階調のグレーをプリントして「陰影」を表し、立体感を強調しました。 まるでスポットライトが下から煽っているライティングの「under」、 背後から逆光が差しているかのような「behind」、 そして斜めから照らしているように見える「side」の3種類です。 BE@RBRICK by MEDICOM TOY is a block figure in the form of a bear, approximately 7cm in size under the concept to create a “digital teddy bear”. It is characterized by the rule that no three-dimensional addition is to be made to the nine existing basic parts that compose the figure (head, arms, wrists, body, waist and legs) and that the only alteration is to be made solely by the expression through print. Upon collaborating with BE@RBRICK, inspiration was drawn from the unique aspect of past collaborations: embellishing, forcibly at times, two-dimensional graphics on the three-dimensional figure. This theme was developed further into the idea to give a “more three-dimensional feel” through a two-dimensional expression. Ultimately, in order to emphasize the figure’s three dimensional feel, two shades of gray were printed on the purely white BE@RBRICK to express “shade and shadow”. Three types were introduced: “under” where it seems the lighting is making the spotlight stir from underneath “behind” where the backlight seems to be glowing from its back; and “side” where the light seems to be illuminating from diagonally above. The package was made by a simple black colour with only the trajectory of the spotlight. The logo, which represents the collaboration, was not placed on the “back” as was the custom, but was printed on the “foot sole”, made visible when the BE@RBRICK is being sat down. ●size (mm) H:35 W:20 D:70