Doraemon minimal desktop collectionの販売を開始しました / "Doraemon minimal desktop collection" is now available


ドラえもん × nendoのロゴ入り専用ボックスに入れてお届け致します。

Doraemon is a series of manga by Fujiko F. Fujio about a robotic cat from the 22nd century future who uses Secret Gadgets hidden in his pocket. For this project, products were designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary since the first publication of Doraemon.
The collection is composed of card holders, pen stands, clip holders, bookends, trays and mobiles. All of these are minimal desktop accessories that retain the essence of Doraemon while removing elements and details to the utmost limit.
The product is packed in a special box with the Doraemon and nendo logo.