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nendo house限定商品 / Limited product ご注文後約3週間後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 3 weeks 高精度な金属切り抜き加工技術を用いて作られた◯×ゲームです。 普段は継ぎ目が見えないフラットな面でありながら、指で押すとパーツが動いて「○」や「×」が現れます。本来は2種類の駒を盤に乗せて遊ぶゲームを、盤自体に切れ目を入れることで代用した、引き算のデザインです。 A tic tac toe board game made using high-precision metal machining technique. A block of warp- and wear-resistant tool steel, a material primarily used for knives and the like, was wire-cut with an electric discharge machine to form parts, then fitted within an error margin of 0.005 mm. The board in its inactive state is flat and seamless, but the metal parts move at a finger’s touch to yield circles and X’s. When placed standing between two players, the front side of the board shows protruding pieces, while the back appears to sink in. The game is played in its familiar form with two types of pieces added to a flat board, but here the design is of subtraction, with the board itself cut with the pieces. ●material 合金工具鋼 / alloy tool steel ●size (mm) H:100 W:100 D:15 ●weight (g) 1300 ●other ご使用前に同封の取扱説明書を必ずお読みください。 Please read the instructions before using this product.