shrink-plate / 3 pieces
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shrink-plate / 3 pieces

3,850 JPY

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nendo house限定 / nendo house limited ご注文後約5営業日後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 5 business days 磁器を焼成する際に厚さの差が極端に異なる箇所があると、反対側の表面が痩せてしまう「ヒキ」が起こります。この小皿は、あえて高台部分を厚くし、お皿の部分を薄くて平らにすることで、高台の形状が「ヒキ」によってうっすらと浮かび上がることを考えました。磁器が本来もちあわせる性質を利用したデザインです。 A design that takes advantage of porcelain's characteristics. When ceramics are fired, extreme differences in the thickness of the clay make the other side of the clay shrink away. Potters usually try to prevent this through a variety of techniques such as controlling the thickness of the clay and using curved rather than flat surfaces. The shrink-plate, on the other hand, makes what's usually seen as a problem into a design feature. By increasing the thickness of the decorative elements and making the slab of the plate particularly flat and thin, the plate's decoration stands out in relief. ●size (mm) H:11 W:94 D:86 ●weight (g) 250 ●material 磁器 / porcelain made in Japan