UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY mai / Leather round S
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UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY mai / Leather round S

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ご注文後約5営業日後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 5 business days 一枚の革をレーザー加工機で切り出し、平らな状態のまま配送、ユーザーが工具などを一切使わずにいくつかのリベットを穴に通して留めるだけで、立体的なバッグになるようにしました。普通はバッグを「1個、2個、、」と数えるところ、このバッグは「1枚、2枚、、」と数えることから「mai(=枚)」と名付けました。 This bag was designed as a single laser cut sheet of leather died with plant derived tannin that can be distributed completely flat. Without any tools customers can fold and assemble it into a three dimensional bag, just by joining a few rivets through the holes of the bag. Because of its form, this bag can be counted as one sheet, two sheets, or, in Japanese, ichi-mai, ni-mai, and so, the bag was named “mai”. ●size (mm) H:145 W:190 D:65 ●weight (g) 200