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minimLET / portable toilet


¥22,000 税込


ご注文後約5営業日後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 5 business days 日常生活で当たり前に使われているものの「流用」に着目した簡易トイレ。持ち運び用のバッグの中に、アルミ製パイプと便座、テント用のナイロン布、ポケットティッシュ、ゴミ袋と凝固剤の6つのアイテムをコンパクトに収納ができ、スリムなバッグは、複数を重ねて収納したり、車のトランクに入れたりしても場所をとりません。さらにこのバッグは、16リットル分の生活用水(約2回分のトイレを流せる量)の運搬ができるバケツとしても使えます。 The bag for carrying the kit is designed to be compact and to store 6 items: aluminum pipes and a toilet seat, nylon cloth for the tent, pocket tissues, garbage bags, and coagulant. Furthermore, the kit is slim, so it does not take up space even when stacked or placed in a car trunk or in a storage space at home. The various elements were made multipurpose in order to utilize them to their full extent. The aluminum pipes can be used both as supporting poles for the tent or as legs to support the toilet seat, and the nylon fabric for the tent can also be used as a poncho. The bag itself is waterproof and has a gusseted bottom so it can be used as a bucket to carry 15 liters water for everyday needs. The inside of the toilet seat is also designed as a container to store small parts. A cheap plastic umbrella, which can be bought at grocery stores may be used as a structural element of the tent. When three steel cans for beverages are connected together, their height is 350 mm, and a 2 liters size plastic bottle is 320 mm high. Both are just the right height to use as legs for the toilet seat, and by filling them with rain water or sand they can be used as weights to stabilize the whole tent. ●size (mm) H: W:490 D:665 ●weight (g) 2550 ●other 便座にはスペーサーとジョイントが格納されています。傘、ペットボトル、スチール缶は付属しておりません。