bLen / ballpoint pen 0.7mm
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bLen / ballpoint pen 0.7mm

165 JPY

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  • black × black ink

  • white × blue ink

  • white × red ink

  • grey × black ink

  • white × black ink

ご注文後約5営業日後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 5 business days 直線に強い「スポーツカー」のようなペンではなく、足回りが良く、キビキビとした動きができる、「コンパクトカー」のような新たなボールペンをデザインしました。重心を一般的なボールペンよりも低めにし、筆記中にペン本体が遠心力によって振り回される量を大幅に抑制すると同時に、紙に吸い付くような書き心地も実現しました。ブレーキ時やコーナリング時に発生するノイズを取り除くために、ボールペン本体と芯の隙間を無くすパーツを追加しています。 A ballpoint pen that is designed to reduce writing stress by removing vibrations. In order to stabilize the position of the pen, a lower center of gravity was established by placing a brass weight at the tip of the pen. This weight allows for a smooth and gentle touch on the paper, while significantly reducing unexpected movements of pen due to the centripetal force created while writing. To eliminate noises that can occur on rapid movement, a fixing element was added between the cartridge and the exterior, which keeps the parts in correct positions and reduces unnecessary movements of internal parts. An additional spring was also added to the retractable button system which functions as a suspension to reduce the rattling and noises on writing. Smooth writing experience was further enhanced with special ink cartridges that were designed to be 0.4mm bolder than normal ones for minimal bending, providing thick and smooth emulsion ink. ●size (mm) H:143 W:11.8 D:11.8 ●weight (g) 12.3 ●other 本来の使用方法以外に使用しないで下さい。お子様の手の届かない所に置き、イタズラをしないで下さい。