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roopuppet / totebag

¥6,050 税込


  • human

  • kangaroo

  • dinosaur

ご注文後約5営業日後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 5 business days ルートートの最大の特徴であるサイドポケットを、引っ張り出すとパペット人形になる形状にデザインしました。ものを「入れる」だけでなく、中からものが「出てくる」不思議なトートバッグです。 The tote bag brand ROOTOTE are distinguished by the pocket like the pouch of a kangaroo located on the side. Many of the ROOTOTE bags have surface designs, but the side pocket, the brand’s most distinctive feature, is usually the same. Our idea was to extend the pocket out from the bag, and to turn it into a puppet. Most of the time, we put things into tote bags, but the roopuppet pops out of the ROOTOTE ‘s pocket, making this a very unusual tote bag indeed. The roopuppet comes in three versions: a kangaroo, a human being and a dinosaur. ●size (mm) H:390 W:400 D:100 ●weight (g) ●other お洗濯はお避け下さい。