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gaku / lamp / wireless



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※海外への発送は対応しておりません / This item cannot be shipped internationally ご注文後約5営業日(メーカー欠品時除く)後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 5 business days (except out of stock) イタリアを代表する照明ブランド「フロス」の、小さな部屋のような照明。額縁のような枠に、照明や小物類を自由に組み合わせて、まるで小さな部屋を自由にしつらえるようなカンカクの照明となりました。 ワイヤータイプはペンダントタイプの照明が内側に吊られている枠は高さを自由に変えられるようになっており、ワイヤレスタイプは置き型の充電式ランプのための非接触充電機能を搭載しました。 これにより、普段は充電ドックに置いておき、必要に応じて照明を持ち運ぶことが可能となりました。 Design for manufacturer FLOS, well known for leading lighting fixture brand in Italy. A frame (=gaku) used together with lamps and other objects, which gives a feeling almost as if it were something between accessories and furniture. An adjustable-height pending lamp hangs down inside of one frame, while a second design features non-contact charging functionality to power a matching spot or luminescent lamp. Usually, the lamp is simply left on the charging dock, and then moved around freely when lighting is needed elsewhere. The directional lamp features a magnet that allows it to be placed at an angle, making it easy to adjust the direction of spot to be lighted. Lamp settings include a mode during which they are turned on when sitting on the charging dock and turned off when moved away so that the location of the lighting itself serves as a power switch. Bowls, vases, a tray, a mirror, bookends, and other accessories are held in place by magnets, keeping them held firmly in place at the centre of the frame without the need for a large area of contact. An assortment of accessory-like lighting and lighting-like accessories makes combining the two simple, as if one were casually rearranging the interior of a miniature room. ●size (mm) H:350 W:350 D:120 ●weight (kg) 2.5 ●other LED array 2W 2700K 120lm CRI90