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under / bowl L black (build to order)

¥458,700 税込


  • black marquina marble

ご注文後約1.5ヶ月後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 1.5 months 天然大理石製の家具を専門とするイタリアのブランド「Marsotto edizioni」。 「硬くて冷たい」と思われがちな大理石に「柔らかさ」と「温もり」を与えられるようデザインされた、大小のフルーツボウルと花瓶のコレクション。 丸みを帯びた器に四角い台座の形状が柔らかく浮かび上がるようなディテールにすることで、下の隠れている台座の存在をそれとなく感じ取れるようになったことから「under」と名付けられました。 A collection of accessories designed for Marsotto edizioni, an Italian marble brand specialising in marble furniture. The collection consists of small and large fruit bowls and vases that are made up of roundish vessels fixed on flat and smooth square pedestals. The pedestal is shaped to softly emerge from the surface of the vessel, which allows the presence of the pedestal to be felt as if it is otherwise hidden underneath. Because of this, the name “under” was given. A design that gives the impression of “softness” and “warmth” to marble stone in contrast to the stereotype image of “solidity and coldness”. ●size (mm) H:420 W:420 D:120 ●weight (kg) 12