layers / bookshelve L (build to order)
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layers / bookshelve L (build to order)

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ご注文後約2.5ヶ月後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 2.5 months 手前と中、奥にそれぞれ複数層の吊り扉のある、すべてガラスでできた3種類のキャビネット。 カラーガラスの吊り扉は1枚ずつ色合いが微妙に異なり、左右に移動できるので、扉の重なり具合によって様々な色彩をお楽しみいただけます。 3 types of cabinet made entirely by glass, with multiple hanging flaps in the front, middle and back. Since the tones of each hanging flap made of coloured glass are subtly different, and they can slide to the left or right, various hues emerge depending on how the flaps overlap. ●size (mm) H:810 W:2000 D:500 ●weight (kg) 225