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soft / coffee table S (build to order)



  • yellow / orange


  • violet / pink


  • light blue / blue


ご注文後約2.5ヶ月後のお届けとなります Item will be shipped within 2.5 months 箱のような形をしている3種類のローテーブル。断面を45°にしたフロストガラスを5枚接着しています。この断面に鮮やかな色を施しました。パープルからレッド、オレンジからイエロー、そしてブルーからパープルへというようにグラデーションになっています。さらにこれらの色が平面のガラスに滲んだようなプリントをフロストガラスの裏面に施しました。 ななめの小口にグラデーション印刷を施すという高難度な技術と、繊細な「滲み」の印刷表現によって、硬質でシャープな素材というガラス本来のイメージを裏切るような表現となり、まるでエッジの色が滲んでいるような、自然で柔らかい印象のローテーブルになりました。 3 types of low tables that are of the shape of a box using 5 sheets of frost glass. For the joint between two sheets of glass, the cross-sections with an angle of 45° were printed with bright colours. These cross-sections were then bonded together. These colours had a gradation effect, such as from purple to red, orange to yellow, and blue to purple. The reverse side of the frost glass was printed with a pattern to make it look as though the same colours were blurred on the glass surface. With this, we tried to create a natural and soft image, as if the colours on the edges were blurring. By combining the extremely difficult technique of printing gradation colours on the diagonal edges with the printing that expresses a delicate “blurriness”, an appearance that contradicts the conventional image of glass, which is of a hard and sharp material, was achieved. ●size (mm) H:450 W:400 D:400 ●weight (kg) 11